Bio-One of Columbus decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

The Biohazard Report October 2018

Help first, never judge

bio one continues to be the most compassionate organization in the industry

Bio-One Columbus is certified as a professional crime scene clean up & decontamination company with a full license in biohazard services. Yes, this is the technical definition of our business, but what makes us the right team for the job is our commitment to compassionate service. Our focus isn't only on the practical details of a task at hand, but also on the very sensitive nature of the events that lead us to the job.

Bio-One continues to be the most compassionate organization in the industry.

bio one columbus

tim corner owner of bio one columbus clean up company"When I tell people that Bio-One is a “Biohazard Remediation Company”, I can almost hear the keyboard typing in a google search to find out exactly what that means. I think that our core philosophy defines us better than any search engine can, though…“Help first”.

Help first takes on a lot of different forms. Sometimes it’s an after-hours call to the scene of a sudden and tragic death where we’ll work to make sure that a home is safe and that a family doesn’t ever have to see first-hand the things that police, EMS and other first responders carry with them throughout a lifetime of service.

Other times we come in at the tail end of years of someone’s difficult journey to offer them a fresh start. These are often people struggling with hoarding behavior, physical disabilities, depression, substance abuse or any number of other challenges. Whatever situation we may find, our response will always be the same. We will do whatever we can to help get our customers to a better place, and we’ll do it with compassion and without judgment. That’s our commitment to our community, and it’s why we do what we do.

Tim Lockard