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The Biohazard Report May 2017

Eliminating moisture source is essential to mold cleanup

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Toxic mold is a common but serious hazard, and Bio-One Columbus has the skills and experience to remove it safely. 
Actual cleanup is definitely not the first step in the mold remediation process, however. We stress the importance of finding and fixing the source of the excess moisture before any cleaning takes place. Continuous leaks, previous floods, and trapped moisture can all contribute to the growth of unsightly, smelly, and dangerous mold spores.
Mold in the household and workplace environment is responsible for health symptoms ranging from bothersome nasal congestion to life-threatening neurological disorders. It must be addressed professionally with a complete approach.
The job highlighted below was triggered by a spot of mold in the corner of a finished basement. Upon further inspection, we discovered an improperly installed exterior faucet had been leaking for months and the water was running down along the foundation.  We had to tear out all the carpet and remove the faux wood paneling, where we discovered the real mold problem. In addition to treating the mold, we installed a new faucet and replaced all of the affected electrical wiring and conduit in the basement.
Bio-One Columbus has the team to do your cleanup job right the first time, restoring the safety of all your indoor commercial and residential spaces. 

bio one columbus has the team to do your cleanup job right the first time


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 “When Tim came in, he found that the faucet had been leaking for some time and the mold was much worse than we had thought…He hired the help he needed and within one week, the faucet and the damaged electrical had been replaced and the mold had been removed. The room was transformed.
“We expected a job well done but were absolutely amazed at the work that Tim and his team did. It's now a 14-year-old boy's room and we know he is completely safe from mold. They went above and beyond our expectations."

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Bio-One Columbus aims for complete customer satisfaction on any job site. If your cleanup requires additional help from plumbers, electricians, or builders, we’ll hire and manage those resources to efficiently restore your space to a healthy environment.
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