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The Biohazard Report March 2017

Love stinks A bad litter box spells trouble

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a bad litter box spells trouble bio one columbus cleanup servicesWarm relationships with our furry friends can quickly turn to aggravation over an out-of-bounds litter box. Every cat owner is familiar with the knock-you-over ammonia stench of cat urine, and when left uncontrolled there are fewer more difficult household cleaning challenges.

Affected pet owners in search of a remedy can encounter all sorts of wives’ tales, DIY tips and money-back guarantees.

There are carpet cleaning services (the nastiest chemicals in pet urine are not water soluble), home remedies (cinnamon, cloves and baking soda might contribute to a nice muffin, but they can’t permanently eliminate odor), and that guy on TV with “something that bubbles” (don’t order before midnight tonight).

Trust us, none of them really work. They might mask the odor for a while, but generally once the humidity rises again, so does the stench.

Battling the situation on behalf of a beloved pet is one thing, but dealing with it in a rental unit adds additional frustration. Every property manager has walked into a residence in which a tenant has not properly managed the litter box maintenance of their cat(s). Security deposit or not, it’s your problem now.
Cat urine has a complex chemistry. It contains a variety of elements never heard of including urea, urobilin, uric acid, creatinine, sodium, pheromones and typically five different types of bacteria. When it dries and decomposes, it releases thiols, which are the same compounds that give skunks their unique smell.

The process for cat urine removal at Bio-One Columbus is something of a trade secret, but it involves (in part), a proprietary enzyme containing over 200 billion live bacteria cultures per gallon. 

call us today bio one clean up services in columbusOur formula breaks down the chemical composition of the urine so the odor-causing elements are eliminated, not simply concealed. All of our chemicals are safe for both pets and humans, so immediate occupancy can occur upon completion of treatment.
Most of our cat clients call us after three attempts at something else, ending in needless additional cost and frustration. For home or commercial situations, make the investment and do it right the first time. As always, estimates are fee.