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The Biohazard Report January 2017

The Biohazard Report January 2017

bio one continues to be the most compassionate organization in the industry

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“You immediately took me through the process and thoroughly explained each step. I was so fortunate to find a company and team who could take this burden from me.

quotesBio-One Columbus works with residential and commercial customers across Central Ohio to remediate all sorts of unpleasant situations. Our highest aim is to ease our customers’ worry and get their lives back on track. Below are excerpts of a testimonial from a recent hoarding cleanup in Columbus.
“I want to thank you again for the wonderful work that you and your team did with my father’s house. When I first contacted you I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to even begin in dealing with the hoarding situation. You were so kind when we initially spoke and it was such a relief when you were able to meet with me so quickly. 
“I must admit, I was very nervous when we met at the house. I had not been inside for over 25 years. You were so understanding, and offered to go in alone. With you there I was able to go in, and while it was a horrible situation, I knew that you would be able to help. That was such a relief.
“The professionalism and caring that all of you showed me and my father was amazing. I sensed from our initial meeting that you do this work, in part, as a way to help others. I could see your sense of accomplishment as the project progressed.

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“The personal items that you found and the things that you salvaged are priceless to my family. How you even knew what to look for is beyond my comprehension. You uncovered things that I didn’t even know were in the house. I don’t think my father remembered them, either, until we started talking about them.

“He is doing well and happy to be back in his home. I don’t know how long he will be able to remain there because of his age, but for now he is content. It’s where he wants to be and I am glad to be able to help him live this part of his life as he wants to live it.

“He has you and your team to thank for that, as well.”

- Wendy

tim corner owner of bio one columbus clean up company Hoarding situations often come to our attention when the hoarder is hospitalized and the family sees the severity of the situation. In this particular case, a fall led to a stay in a rehabilitation facility, and we worked to prepare the home for the resident’s return.  

We hope the cleanup leads to new habits, but the truth is that hoarding disorder has a very high rate of recidivism. Without therapy (which we encourage and provide referrals when appropriate), the long-term success rate is very low. 

We do, however, get occupants out of immediate danger and provide them with a fresh start. Hoarding at its root is an anxiety disorder, and doing what we do requires compassion, patience and understanding. 

At Bio-One Columbus, we approach each situation not as a bottom-line billable job, but a chance to help people get their lives back in order. Adding a tough cleanup on top of emotional distress can be overwhelming, and that’s where my team steps in. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Tim Lockard is owner/operator of Bio-One Columbus, and has more than 15 years’ experience in emergency response.