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The Biohazard Report - February 2024

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"Clutter isn’t just the stuff on the floor. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living"

~Peter Walsh

There's No Place Like Home

Bio-One Columbus: Creating Safe Space for Older Adults to Stay at Home

Senior Independence Month is celebrated in February and focuses on keeping older adults safe and healthy in their homes and apartments. Research by Princeton University shows that our environment can positively or negatively impact our ability to complete tasks as well as our overall mental health. If the physical space around us feels scattered, it’s likely our mental space will feel the same.

In fact, studies demonstrate that by removing or controlling clutter, we can directly reduce the stress and potential physical harm that stems from the mess. Decluttering leads to health benefits, including:

  • More positive mood and higher self-esteem: Having a clean and organized space reduces depression and supports a positive outlook.
  • Improved physical health and safety: Safe and decluttered physical spaces allow for freedom of movement and reduced risk of falls.
  • Sharpen your focus and attention: Clutter feels chaotic! When a space is de-cluttered, it is much easier to stay focused, pay attention and remember where important things are located.
  • Frees energy for other tasks: Starting with a clean and decluttered spaces allows for keeping up on daily cleaning and energy to engage in quality of life activities.
  • Relieves anxiety and worry: When things are not organized or clean, it can often bring anxiety. Decluttering can lift that weight and produce calm and peaceful feelings.

Older adults are at higher risk for cluttered housing, especially if they struggle with chronic health conditions. Keeping them safe and happy at home allows for a better quality of life.

Remember, while clutter can be overwhelming, it can be removed and organized. Bio-One Columbus specializes in decluttering homes professionally, quickly and efficiently, with a level of detail that is difficult to achieve if you're trying to do it alone.

Life is stressful enough with daily tasks and workloads. Call us today if you or someone you know has a living space overwhelmed with clutter and who needs support staying at home safely.

Critical Living Areas for Keeping Older Adults Independent







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