Bio-One of Columbus decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

The Biohazard Report October 2017

Bio-one serves the salvation army

bio one continues to be the most compassionate organization in the industry

bio one columbus assist salvation armyThe Salvation Army has been taking care of it's community members in Clark County/Springfield, Ohio for over 125 years! It only made sense to return the favor when they reached out because of a mice infestation in their busy food pantry. Bio-One donated its services so the Salvation Army could get back to its important work.

Our team removed all of the food from the room where the mice were found and individually disinfectd each salvageable can. Once that important step was completed we removed their old wooden shelves to make room for new industrial metal shelving. Every square inch of the room was then treated to ensure it was safe. Our team was able to complete the job in just two days to avoid any further program disruption.

We're happy to be able to give back to an organization so dedicated to its community. It was important for us to support them by offering our services. 

the salvation army bio one columbus

customer testimonial bio one columbus

“Bio-One went far above and beyond what we could have expected. Because of Bio-One's desire to help their local Salvation Army and their belief in our cause/mission, they only charged us $1! They wanted to learn our schedule, so they could work in a way that wouldn't negatively interfere with our children's programming and social services! We thank God for the amazing people at Bio-One! It's difficult to adequately express our gratitude towards them and what they gave to us and ultimately to the community!”

Tarole Loyd, Office Manager