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The Biohazard Report - November 2023

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“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings."

~William Arthur Ward

Thank You!

Three people pictured in front of a table filled with items for a public event
From Left to Right: Krista Gregg, Marketing Director at Bio-One, Inc.; Bill Muir, VP Bio-One Chicago; & Tim Lockard, Owner Bio-One Columbus

Gratitude & Thankfulness

At Bio-One Columbus, we have many things to be thankful for this November. We are always grateful for our customers who trust us to do the difficult and life-altering work in stressful times. We know you have a choice in biohazard remediation companies and appreciate your confidence in us! 

This month, we'd especially like to celebrate and thank our community partner, LOSS Community Services here in Franklin County. We recently had the privilege to sponsor and attend the 12th Annual National LOSS Team Suicide Postvention Conference in Columbus, Ohio. This year's theme, "From a Mission to a Movement" perfectly captured the passion and commitment to the work done by LOSS Community Services teams nation-wide. We were humbled by those who shared their stories with us and deeply appreciate the opportunity to support such important work. LOSS Community Services has a mission to be an instillation of hope to those bereaved by suicide, empowering survivors so they can thrive.  

Finally, our gratitude to Bill Muir from Bio-One Chicago for coming to support the networking table at the conference and for Krista Gregg, Marketing Director at Bio-One, Inc. for her willingness to speak on the topic of "Advocating for Survivors During Biohazard Remediation." We appreciate you! 

LOSS Community Services envisions a community of loss survivors experiencing a restoration of hope and standing together for suicide awareness. 

The services they provide include working with First Responders to immediately deploy a team of trained volunteers to provide resources, understanding and support to the newly bereaved. LOSS Community Services also provides support groups, remembrance events, companioning, suicide postvention and prevention education, and training to other communities interested in developing or enhancing their suicide prevention and postvention efforts. For more information, visit LOSS's website

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, know there is help. Please call or text 988 -- you’ll connect with mental health professionals with the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Benefits of Thankfulness

Intentionally practicing gratitude and thanks on a daily basis may seem a little corny. However, research shows that practicing gratitude and being thankful can lead to a host of physical, mental and social benefits.

For example, thanking someone can increase our own personal happiness and lead to higher levels of life satisfaction. Practicing gratitude also increases optimism and empathy.

Being grateful to others can reduce inflammation, improve sleep and increase our energy levels. Gratitude also improves job satisfaction and leads to healthier relationships with others.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Bio-One Columbus family to yours. We hope you have a peaceful holiday!

Bio-One of Columbus is a leader in crime scene cleanup and biohazard decontamination services in Columbus. Our technicians are highly skilled and have been trained on OSHA's safety standards.

Bio-One of Columbus continues to be the most passionate and caring company in the cleaning services industry.
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