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The Biohazard Report March 2018

Watch Hoarding Cleanup Time Lapse Video 1 Minute 29 Seconds

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Sometimes you've got to see it to believe it, so we've recorded the process of restoring this bedroom to a clean and safe state. It was an extreme case of hoarding in which many hazardous materials were present, making professional services crucial. Bio-One is fully equipped to clean and disinfect the entire space to ensure that family members or other property owners aren't exposed to dangerous mold spores, bacteria, and other bio-hazardous materials by trying to handle it themselves. 

As you will see below, our team is trained and experienced to remediate hoarding situations of all degrees of severity.

tim corner owner of bio one columbus clean up companyThe time-lapse video above was a condo in the Columbus area in which the tenant was the hoarder. When he moved out he left the house completely full of trash, flies, feces and more than a hundred bottles of urine. The room we decided to record in was the master bedroom. That tiny spot you can see on the bed that wasn’t completely buried was where he slept. Typically we don’t need to remove subfloors, but in this case it was saturated to the point that they were no longer salvageable. 

We never met the tenant, but we did find a high school letterman’s jacket, some photo albums and a couple other things that we thought might be meaningful, so we gave those to the landlord to pass on to him.

When we finished, every surface in the home had been treated and sealed, and the overpowering odor that had been so pervasive was completely gone. Within a week the landlord had new flooring installed, walls painted and appliances updated. It’s a beautiful home, and no one would ever guess the conditions that we found when we started. 

Tim Lockard is owner/operator of Bio-One Columbus, and has more than 15 years’ experience in emergency response.